In 2019, EURES is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Launched in 1994, the European job mobility network has now been in operation for a quarter of a century.


EURES (The European Job Mobility Portal) is a network that consists of the public employment agencies in the EU/EEA. On the EURES website you can find job 

These websites usually include job listings (often in Swedish) and functions where you can upload European Online Job Days. Visit European Online Job Days platform where dynamic recruitment events are happening which bring European jobseekers and employers together.. Jobseekers can find not only recruitment opportunities but also practical information and advice from EURES Advisers and other employment professionals. The Job Days vary in size and focus but they are all run with the aim of EURES, the European jobs network, provides job-matching and recruitment services to all European Economic Area (EEA) countries ( 3 ), plus Switzerland.

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08 - 09 November 2017 - European Job Day Farming and Gardening. 07 - 08 November 2017 - Make it in Germany - Lisbon 2017. 26 October 2017 - The Silesia 2017 Online Job Day - Work in Poland. 25 October 2017 - EURES Nordic - Baltic Job … EURES is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 14,300 employers now use the EURES portal and 3.7 million job vacancies are currently advertised, a figure that de EURES has three main objectives: To inform, guide and provide advice to potentially mobile workers on job opportunities, as well as living and working conditions in the European Economic Area. To assist employers wishing to recruit workers from other countries. To provide advice and guidance to workers and employers in cross-border regions.

Grekland Au Pair Jobs Service. Hitta bra Au Ta hjälp av Eures när du söker jobb i Europa. Get a job– Senaste lediga platser i Grekland.

Visit the EURES portal: Eures- portal ( See also the websites of employment agencies in other  Find guidance on living/working abroad ✈️ , applying for jobs, and writing your CV Find your local EURES Adviser through the EURES Job Mobility Portal  EURES is a Job Mobility Portal where you can get job recommendations that are arranging an online recruitment event to help you find job opportunities. Targeted Mobility Scheme - Your first EURES job make it easier to move, work and to recruit in See how you can benefit from TMS/YfEj and how it works. The EURES Service in Countries of the European Union (EU), European Primarily, here you will find a database of job vacancies in EURES network member  It helps young nationals in the 18–35 age bracket of any of the.

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Through the EURES job mobility database, Irish Jobseekers can look for employment in 31 European countries and Non-Irish Jobseekers can find out about 

It offers information, advice and support. Then there are many privately run job sites commonly used to find a job in Sweden. These websites usually include job listings (often in Swedish) and functions where you can upload European Online Job Days.

Eures find a job

If you can’t find qualified job seekers in Norway, NAV can help you recruit candidates from the EU, EEA and Switzerland through the EURES cooperation.
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Eures find a job

EURES: EURES is the network of European employment agencies and is committed to promoting the  The EURES job portal is one of the easiest ways to find information on working and studying in Europe. Part of the European Commission's DG for Employment,   Reactivate helps over 35 years old EU citizens to find a work placement (job, traineeship or apprenticeship) in another EU country. It also helps employers to find  EURES in a nutshell Launched in 1994, EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers. Apprenticeships are key to finding the right candidates for the right roles across Europe.

Follow this tutorial to find out how to use the EURES Forside > Eures > Find job i udlandet Find job i udlandet. Du kan søge på land, arbejdsområde, ansættelsesvilkår, varighed, arbejdstid og fritekst eller en kombination af disse kriterier. Når du klikker på nedenstående link, åbner et nyt vindue/fane med jobs i udlandet.
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Sie suchen einen Job und haben Interesse und Lust im europäischen Ausland zu arbeiten? Sie möchten über die   If you're looking for work in the Republic of Ireland (RoI), the EURES Cross- Border Partnership can offer you advice and guidance is available to help you  EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal. EURES is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries  Yrkesbeskrivning. Brommavik hotel är ett fyr stjärnig hotell i bromma. Vi har 73 rum, två konferensolkaler och en restaurang.

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Tens of thousands of vacancies in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, etc. Job search information. Visit the EURES portal: Eures- portal (

Until then, all  If you are interested in a job that is not listed on EURES, you can contact the company and ask them to list it through the Swedish Public Employment Agency as  EURES (European Employment Services) is a European Cooperation Network formed by public employment services. Trade unions and employers' organisations  Jul 7, 2016 - "Your first EURES job" (YFEJ) is a job mobility scheme to help young Europeans find work in other EU country and to encourage employers to fill  EURES, a multilingual tool for mobility and employment.